【Happy Forest系列】拯救皮皮猩小隊

上周,我們講到了皮皮猩 Victor 因為經不住誘惑,被困在山洞裡。那麼他到底有沒有被救出來呢?
Last week, we ended with Victor the Gorilla trapped in a cave because he couldn’t resist temptation. So was he rescued?

It was getting darker and darker, but Victor the Gorilla wasn’t home yet. His friends were all worried. Iris the Deer, Pandora the Elephant, Jimmy the Pig and Teacher Rolin the Owl gathered together and rushed into the forest with torches.
天色越來越黑,皮皮猩 Victor 還没有回家。小伙伴們都十分著急。幻想鹿 Iris、呆萌象 Pandora、懶惰豬 Jimmy 和匆匆趕来的貓頭鹰老師 Rolin 盡快聚集大家,大家一起行動,舉著火把,浩浩蕩蕩地往森林裡跑去。

Pandora the Elephant knew the terrain well. She said, “There are no banana forests here! Victor must have been fooled. There’s a river, and they might go down along the river.”

Iris the Deer said, “There’s a sunflower field ahead, where I often go to do nothing and relax. Maybe they are there.”
幻想鹿 Iris說:「前面有一片向日葵花海,我經常在那裡發呆。說不定他們在那裡。」

Teacher Rolin the Owl had an idea. “The fox likes to hide in a cave. It’s her secret base.”
貓頭鷹老師 Rolin 突然靈機一動說:「红狐狸最喜歡躲在山洞裡了,那裡是她的秘密基地。」

Everyone agreed. Led by the teacher, they finally found a hidden cave at the end of the forest.

With the dim light of the torches, they found Victor the Gorilla, huddled up in a corner and shivering. Jimmy the Pig gave him a big hug. Victor the Gorilla started crying.
藉著火把微弱的燈光,大家終於找到了蜷縮在角落裡瑟瑟發抖的皮皮猩 Victor。懶惰豬 Jimmy 给了他大大的擁抱。皮皮猩 Victor 哇哇大哭。

On the way home, Iris the Deer sang Victor the Gorilla her favorite song, and Victor smiled through his tears. Teacher Rolin the Owl said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed. Union is strength. You should help each other and be brave in the face of danger. Next time you encounter such a situation, think carefully and be resourceful.”

回家路上,幻想鹿 Iris 為皮皮猩 Victor 唱她最拿手的歌,皮皮猩 Victor 破涕為笑。貓頭鷹老师 Rolin 說:「患難見真情。團結就是力量。你們一定要互相幫助,臨危不懼。下次再碰到這樣的情况,要多多思考,還要随機應變。」

Victor the Gorilla was finally home. It’s time to go to bed.
皮皮猩 Victor 終於回家了,小朋友們也該睡覺啦。
Good night and sweet dreams. 晚安,祝好夢